Dedicated Email Servers

Get a dedicated email solution for your emailing needs.

High Volume Email Plans

Dedicated delivery for bulk email campaigns

If you need to send over 100,000 emails per month, this is the plan for you. Your business demands widespread connection with your subscriber base and email marketing is trusted, fast and secure. High Volume Plans include sub-accounts, which you can use to micromanage your campaigns, and 50 MB of Image Storage, for free.

Dependable Email Marketing

Large campaigns can be mistaken for spam if email providers don't trust the source, so Email demands the highest grade of mass mailing dependability. A one-time setup fee of $199 will guarantee you your own email server, which will be unaffected by the sending habits of other email marketers and lead to better open rates and faster email delivery.

Dedicated Server Benefits

Sending email campaigns that reach over 100,000 subscribers requires a sterling reputation with Internet Service Providers. Benchmark Email has cultivated professional, dependable reputations with ISPs to ensure that your email is trusted and delivered. With one of these High Volume Plans, you will have your own dedicated IP registered with all major anti-spam organizations, setup within 48 hours and installed security protocols that include Yahoo! Domainkeys, SPF records and sender ID. You're a pro business, and you need pro email software. Try it today!
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