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Technology Up Close

We’re proud of the how well the Red Condor's technology filters email. It’s what sets Red Condor apart from there competition. Red Condor has developed a comprehensive suite of proprietary and patent-pending technology to   do the best possible job of protecting your email.

Multi-Layered Defense System: Red Condor provides a comprehensive multi-layered defensive strategy to provide the utmost in network protection and removal of email threats. Incoming email must pass through successive layers of SMTP session level defenses, content analysis, virus detection, sender profiling, and other filtering before reaching the recipient’s email inbox. Each defensive layer removes a specific category of threat, resulting in our industry-leading rate for blocking unsafe emails.

Email DNA Analysis: Red Condor’s proprietary Email DNA analysis technology identifies unique characteristics of email that indicate spam, phishing schemes, and other forms of dangerous or objectionable content with near-certainty. Incoming email is then checked against the Email DNA database to remove any emails that contain matching Email DNA. This provides a much more accurate way to identify any problem emails than traditional techniques such as heuristics and Bayesian-based spam filters.

Email Behavioral Analysis: Our behavior-analysis system observes inbound and outbound network traffic to spot unusual behavior patterns. Any suspicious behavior is then reported to Red Condor’s Security Operations Center, which implements appropriate response techniques to throttle, monitor, or intercept the behavior across all Red Condor protected email systems.

Sender Reputation Scoring: Red Condor creates a merit-based reputation score for each email sender based on both sender history and message characteristics. When determining a sender’s reputation score we evaluate factors such as whether or not the sender has previously sent email, how much of that mail was received, an analysis of the sender’s email history, and a behavioral analysis of whether that sender’s email behaves like spam. Red Condor then uses this real-time reputation score to regulate email from each sender. In many cases, Red Condor can block the majority of spam or other undesirable email based on sender reputation data.

Advanced Image Filtering: Spammers often use images in their emails to try and avoid spam filters. Unlike other spam solutions, Red Condor does not rely on OCR or other simple image fingerprinting technologies. Our Advanced Image Filtering technology includes both comprehensive image analysis as well as dynamic feedback of the message content. We filter both externally-linked images and attached images, and use sophisticated techniques such as color filtering, de-speckling, scanning of individual frames in GIF animations, pixel pattern filtering, and text image filtering.

Multi-Pass Virus and Malware Protection: In order to provide the best possible protection from email-borne viruses, we use multiple anti-virus engines to detect and remove viruses, spyware, trojans, or other malware from your email. In addition, Red Condor’s Zero-Hour Virus Defense system continuously scans for new and emerging virus strains and other malware.

False-Positive Prevention: Many spam filtering products boost the percentage of spam they block by using imprecise and over-aggressive techniques that create a large number of false positives, preventing legitimate email from being delivered. Not Red Condor. Our superior technology allows us to not only correctly identify spam, but also correctly identify legitimate emails to make sure you don’t miss an important email because it gets blocked or wrongly placed in your junk folder. Before any new rule or filter is deployed it is regression tested against a constantly evolving set of ‘good email’ to make sure that it does not create even a single false-positive. If it does, we rewrite the rule until it is perfect. As a result, our false-positive rate leads the industry at less than 1 in 70,000.

Adaptive Threat Detection™ Perimeter Defense: We not only protect your email, we protect your network as well. Red Condor’s Adaptive Threat Detection™ technology provides perimeter protection from network-based threats such as Denial of Service and Directory Harvest attacks. The Adaptive Threat Detection™ Perimeter Defense system uses merit-based reputation analysis of IP addresses, senders, and recipients to identify and thwart the most abusive email attacks and block most spam campaigns before they ever enter your network. It’s like having a defensive shield around your network that blocks problems before they ever get to your network, in contrast to other solutions that let hazards into your network and then depend on client or server software to deal with the problems once they get through.

Real-Time Protection Updates: Spammers and hackers are always figuring out new ways to circumvent existing filters and other defenses so that they can continue to profit from their predatory activities. In order to combat the ever-changing nature of the problem, we have developed the Red Condor Global Threat Assessment Network. Real-time knowledge gathered from this worldwide sensor network is used to create new detection and protection rules, which are then sent out as updates on a continuous basis. Both our Hosted Service and MAG-series devices receive these automatic updates every few minutes, making sure your email protection is always up-to-date.

Fault-Tolerant Vx Technology™: Our MAG-series network appliances have the option of Red Condor’s revolutionary Vx Technology™ to provide fault-tolerant dependability that protects all incoming email traffic. With Vx Technology, if any MAG-series device fails or goes off-line due to unexpected problems such as overwhelming attack, network issues or local power failure, all your incoming email is immediately re-directed to our Hosted Service center so that your email remains protected without interruption.

Outbound Traffic Filtering: In addition to protecting your inbound email, we also provide a service for appliances that analyzes your outbound traffic to identify messages that may have been sent from a computer that has been surreptitiously converted to a “zombie” or “bot net” client. Many spammers use viruses, trojans, fake software downloads, and other tactics to create a network of infected client computers that are then used for sending out spam without the user’s knowledge. These zombies can then lead to your network being black-listed by other spam filters, preventing legitimate email sent by anyone on your network from reaching its intended recipient. For appliances, Red Condor can block this outbound spam and malicious email and then notify your network administrator so that any zombie computers can be identified and treated for the underlying infection.

End-User Email Tools: We provide each mailbox owner with Red Condor Personal Dashboards that let users easily refine their filter policies and review their spam quarantine without having to manage an extra “junk mail” folder. In addition, every user receives a customizable Spam Digest report delivered to their inbox that lets them track the effectiveness of their individual filter profiles and preferences.

Sophisticated Administration Capabilities: Red Condor’s administration tools provide powerful capabilities and make it easy to manage complex network configurations, including support for multiple domains and domain aliases. Our web-based Administrator Dashboard lets you set email filter policies, configure complex mail routing, view advanced reports and statistics, and monitor filter performance. You can even control mail policies on a per-user basis, with the ability to control features such as whitelists and blacklists, email and attachment blocking, email and attachment tagging, and email quarantine settings.

Flexible Network Support: Red Condor’s email protection products don’t require and changes to servers or client computers, are fully RFC-2821 compliant, and are easy to configure thanks to advanced features such as automatic mailbox discovery, LDAP connector support, and automatic detection of aliases using SMTP VRFY. In addition, integrated email queue management and mail routing supports complex network deployments and provides disaster recovery protection

24x7 Security Operations Center: Our technology, services, and products are all supported by our 24x7 Security Operations Center that constantly monitors all network activity to search for new email threats. The Security Operations Center gathers and consolidates data from the Red Condor Global Threat Assessment Network, behavior-analysis system, and Adaptive Threat Detection Perimeter Defense system. Our system is designed with a “Human in the Loop” philosophy that adds the power of human intelligence to our comprehensive array of technology. When a new threat emerges our technical experts can immediately respond, ensuring continuous ongoing deployment of new filters and rules.




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