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No matter what your needs, can help you process payments for your business . . .

• 95% Merchant Accounts Approved!
• U.S. Merchant Accounts
• Mail & Telephone Order Merchant Accounts
• Internet Merchant Accounts
• High Volume & Risk Merchant Accounts
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• ACH Processing & Demand Draft Processing
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credit cards Accept Credit Cards:
Internet & Retail
We specialize in Internet, Mail Order & Telephone order (MoTo), and High Risk merchant accounts! Join our team of professionals today and start making more money for your business.
ACH checks Accept Checks:
Increase Sales
By increasing the methods to accept payments, including checks (eChecks, ACH or Demand Draft), everybody can benefit!
secure transactions Fraud Protection:
Protect Your Profits
Every year, electronic payment fraud costs merchants millions of dollars. What are you doing to protect your profit margins?

With a merchant account, you can offer your customers the ease, speed, and convenience of buying from you.

Accepting credit cards with a merchant account can increase your sales potential by 75 million customers in the U.S. alone! Credit card processing analysts estimate 9 out of 10 people use a credit card for their online orders, and can help you with all your credit card processing and merchant account needs!

Even if you've been declined for a merchant account somewhere else and do not have the ability for credit card processing can help you get a merchant account and accept credit cards!

Internet Commerce Merchant Accounts

We are a world leading consultant group for high risk and low risk merchant accounts. We specialize in hard to acquire accounts, and merchants looking for a service above the normal offerings from traditional merchant accounts.

By increasing the methods to accept online payments, including checks (eChecks, ACH or Demand Draft) everybody can benefit! Let be your choice to accept checks today!

There are dozens or millions of customers in the USA that are “un-bankable.” This means that they do not have the credit necessary to have a credit card issued to them. By turning away millions of potential customers, your bottom line suffers.

When you accept checks online, you give your customers another method to purchase from you. You extend the reach of your website to the millions of consumers who can't purchase over the Internet because they don't have credit cards, don't have available credit on their cards, or simply prefer to pay by check.

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